Now's the perfect time to get through some of those kits we've had cluttering up the attic for years and I've been putting together this fantastic little 1:72 scale IBG kit over the past few evenings. Representing a WW2-era Diamond T all-terrain dump truck, it may be small, but there's a vast number of tiny parts to fix together. Even the chassis alone has about 70 separate elements, so it's certainly a kit for modellers of a patient disposition.

I haven't added any extra details yet, save for the exhaust pipe which is fashioned from brass wire - the original plastic pipes disintegrated as I cut them from the sprue (they're super-delicate). The full engine and transmission is a real work of art and I've stippled much of it with Mr Surfacer to give the parts more of a 'cast metal' appearance/texture. And I've decided to pose the dumper in the raised position, so the truck can be posed on a suitable diorama in due course.

Although not exactly the right scale, the truck should look good on a 'OO' gauge model railway scene, perhaps in a 1950s quarry or other industrial setting, as I'm building my model to resemble a de-mobbed civilian vehicle rather than an Army version.

It's about ready for painting now, before final assembly. Alas, it's now in a queue while I await the all-clear to start commuting into town again, where my workshop is situated. Luckily, I have plenty more kits to start building...


  1. Nice!
    I have a 1/72 kit for a Russian army lorry on order, just for something different to build alongside my usual railway stuff, perhaps one of those Diamond Ts might find its way into my basket next time I'm on a plastic kit site.


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