37901 UPDATE

My trio of Class 37 projects has seen some progress made, with the Hornby Railroad model almost complete. It's currently in the shed drying off after weathering and simply needs glazing and reassembly, plus a cab interior constructing and fitting (pics to appear here in due course). Meanwhile, my recreation of 37901 Mirrless Pioneer has taken a few steps forward, with the distinctive roof panels now permanently fitted and the ends filled and sanded smooth. Standing proud of the roof, the panel is tricky to get right as it needs to be folded to just the right shape so as not to look lopsided.This took quite a time to get right, with plenty of trial runs before finally gluing in place. The exhaust covers are next to be fitted, but the kit parts need modifying first. Incidentally, the roof panel is from an A1 Models conversion kit, available from MG Sharp in Sheffield.

A lovely package from the folks at Fox Transfers gave the project a nudge, with a pack of 'Big T' Transrail transfers, plus etched nameplates and BR double arrows. Peter Harvey at PH Designs has also just sent me some etched bogie footsteps that will enhance the sideframes no end. All I need now is to order the right shades of Railmatch enamel paints for the triple-grey colour scheme and find some replacement oval buffers. Oh, and a set of etched cab windscreens and glazing from Shawplan's superb Extreme Etches range. Once these are in stock, I can get going on 37901 in earnest.

The real thing: 37901 at Bury Bolton Street, July 2011.


  1. Hi George

    this is looking good. Do you know if anyone else sells the roof etches as sharpes website says they are sold out?


  2. Hi Nik,
    You could try Howes Models for the roof etch pack: www.howesmodels.co.uk



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