My Hornby Railroad Class 37 is nearing completion, as mentioned in the previous posting. Now proudly displaying etched Cathays C&W Works nameplates, it's looking a bit careworn and mucky, which is how I remember the Regional Railways Type 3s in the early years of privatisation. The airbrushed 'dirt' needs a little tweaking, with some hand-applied extra deposits of grease and oil, then the glazing can be added and some form of cab interior constructed. Oh, and the radiator fan needs painting and siting under the roof grille.

On the subject of glass, as I'll be fitting the tremendously realistic Shawplan laserglaze to the front windscreens, the moulded original side windows are going to look really in poor in comparison, so I'm ruminating on the possibility of upgrading it. Indeed, the engine room windows are really naff, being too small for the apertures. That's the thing when you upgrade certain aspects of a model - it throws into relief all the other mediocre features.


  1. Shawplan make a Lazerglaze kit for the Lima model? Or did you use the Shawplan window frame?

    Can you shed some light on this please

  2. Hi Jerry,
    Thanks for the comment. the Railroad 37 did receive a set of the Shawplan window frames and laserglazing (they don't make a set of glazing to fit the unaltered Lima model). The full demo of the upgrade featured in Model Rail issue 176 (Dec 2012), although the fitting of the cab window frames was featured in more detail back in issue MR160. Some images of the loco in progress can be found in this post: http://georgedentmodelmaker.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/3-type-3s.html
    All the best,


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