Lima 47 AFTER: The refined outline and improved performance make this set of Ultrascale wheels well worth the money.

I've just finished re-wheeling a number of my more 'senior' locomotives, namely a few Lima and Hornby diesel and electric outline models dating from the 1980s and '90s, using the replacement sets offered by Ultrascale. I'd ordered a bunch a few years ago and have just got round to fitting the last set. They make such a massive difference to the appearance of a loco, but also help with improved power collection and smoother running over finescale track. Indeed, I'll be ordering a few more in the near future to complete the upgrade programme, with a Lima 87 and a couple of single car DMUs at the top of the list...

Look out for a demo of fitting these replacement sets in Model Rail issue 174 (out in early September).

Lima 47 BEFORE: although not immediately obvious, thanks to the nicely moulded bogies, the wheels are a bit chunky and struggle over this Code55 track.


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