As mentioned in a couple of earlier posts, I've been building and enhancing a Parkside BR trestle wagon kit and it's now a little closer to completion. Some slight amendments have been made to the real wood trestles, most notably setting the cross-braces flush with the uprights (I'd erroneously stuck them on top), hence why there are a few pale patches in the above image. These have now been blended-in with a little more wood dye.

What I'm particularly pleased with is the brackets that I knocked-up from 2mm wide, 10thou' brass strip, folded to shape in a Hold n Fold and adorned with homemade bolt heads, punched with a Nutter tool. They just need touching in with a suitably rusty shade of paint and, now that the decals have also been applied, the wagon can get its final weathering job.

Not sure if I'm going to make up a load or not. I like the look of the trestles as they are, but I also fancy trying to create some realistic steel sheet... I'll have to think about it.


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