Having finally sorted out the cab interior, this long-running project (2 years!) to build a DJH kit of the Jones Goods 4-6-0 is finally complete. With the motor and flywheel encroaching into the cab, I had to be a bit creative in order to get the boiler backhead installed. I'd originally tried to disguise the flywheel by painting it black and arranging the footplate crew to obscure the view. But, with such an open cab, this just didn't look right. So, by creating an extra bit of firebox from plastic tube, the backhead has encroached a few millimetres further into the cab, although this isn't immediately obvious. With some scratchbuilt controls and piping, the ensemble looks pretty convincing and, after a thorough running trial, the model is boxed up and ready to go.

With a number of challenges offered, this kit has certainly proved educational!


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