These ploughs are from a detail set offered by PH Designs.

I must admit to putting this task off for a few weeks, until I could avoid it no longer. And, as is usually the case when you're dreading making a start on something that looks especially tricky, the job actually went swimmingly, filling an agreeable couple of hours while listening to the footy on the radio. Perhaps the size of these things can't be appreciated in the above photo, but the ploughs are about 3cm long and the various mounting brackets took a bit of careful alignment whilst making the soldered joints.

About to be fitted to the front valance of a Euro Cargo Rail Class 66 loco, they'll have to be masked for the yellow and black chevron pattern, which is another thing I'm not looking forward to. Hopefully, it'll turn out as straightforward as the building stage. Here's hoping..!

Look out for a demo on recreating the ECR 66s in Model Rail issue 180.


  1. Hello George, off subject, but would you care to share your footballing allegiances?

    1. Hi Stuart,
      I'd have thought the pic of Shanks would give you a clue!


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