The kit may be old but it still has potential.

I wonder how many readers with a modern image bent will have dreamed of having one of these depots on their layouts when they were young. Having mentioned my intention of building and enhancing one to my colleagues and modelling friends, everyone admitted to having fond memories of either installing one on their layouts or, like me, wishing they had the room for one. I ended up building a much smaller loco shed on my early layout set in mid-Wales, from cereal boxes. Yet my older brother boasted a larger bedroom and a much more commodious layout. Indeed, his rendition of a 1980s era BR depot featured this Hornby MPD as well as a fuel store and filling road and made me very envious at the time. In those days, the kit featured light brown walls complete with printed brick detail along the lower sections, rather than the light dappled grey of the present moulds.

So, what are my intentions for this venerable kit? You'll have to wait and see!


  1. Hmmm, that's got me thinking.
    Using it as a basic shell and adding cladding would transform it into the kind of modern (1960/70s ish) shed that would be seen at one of the larger collieries or steelworks.
    Perhaps steel frame with brick infilling, brick lower and corrugated upper or completely enclosed in heavy box section steel?
    Adrian Booth's new 'Industrial Railway Locomotive Sheds' book has plenty of images of such structures.

  2. I've got one of those on my small layout... with dirt and deisels


    and witought dirt and diesels (few days before weathering)




    more can be found at


    (if you have facebook)

    Cheers, Reece

    1. Hi Reece,
      Looks good - I like the Cornish BR logo and how you've re-done the sides and ends. The Hornby MPD is certainly a versatile base for conversion.
      All the best,

    2. Hi George,

      I agree despite the age of the kit they do provide a good base to build on top of. This one was from my early modelling days so it looks a little battered and basic.
      The Cornish Lizzy sign I made using the laser printer when I was still at college and varnished over it, it's gone a little yellow but it's seemed to stood alright and stayed nice and sharp from the day it was printed.

      I look forward to reading your next update.
      Cheers, Reece


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