Railfreight 'Bone' at work on the Maudetown merry-go-round circuit

What turned out to be a fairly speedy and enjoyable project is now complete: the Heljan Class 58 has been hard at work at Maudetown, hauling rakes of HAA hoppers for the CEGB power station further down the valley. Although a 'bone' has already visited the colliery, this is the first time that one has worked with a reliable slow-speed control through the loading hopper. Indeed, the initial trials with the Hornby-built loco were not entirely successful!

58020 certainly looks like it has been working hard, with evidence of coal dust staining, which is not surprising, given that it has been through the loading and unloading facilities a couple of times every day for the past few weeks. It'll probably get a bath from the man with the long brush and hose pipe at the depot over the weekend, when no MGR movements are booked.


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