Military diorama kit looks just the job for colliery motive power

Just picked up a smashing plastic kit from Mini Art that, although produced to 1:72 scale, I'm aiming to adapt for use on my 'OO' gauge (1:76) colliery layout. Marketed as a generic workshop, it actually looks perfect as a small engine shed. The main doorway is a bit restricted for mainline locomotives, but it should accommodate some of Maudetown's fleet of diminutive industrial shunters without too much in the way of modification.

The box is crammed full of plastic bits and lots of small details are provided, such as drainpipes, gutters, windows, etc. The quality of the mouldings are high and I'm looking forward to sticking the lot together as well as painting and weathering. However, I need to tweak my trackplan a little to fit it on the baseboard and, as the building has large windows for one side only, I need to make absolutely certain of its location before building can begin.

With another bank holiday coming up, I might have the perfect activity lined up. Especially if it rains!


  1. That looks like a good find. There's something really pleasing about finding kits intended for other purposes, and then using them for your own.

    Lots og good bits in there too. I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. Thanks, Mikkel,
    I've planned where the shed is going to sit on my layout and I'm hoping to start building the shed in the next few weeks.
    Best wishes,

  3. I've also been looking at this kit with a loco shed in mind, probably narrow gauge. Could you tell me the dimensions of the end door please?

  4. Hi Paul,
    The main door opening is about 42mm wide by 50mm high, going from the size of the door mouldings. As the end wall is made up of several parts, it's hard to give an exact size until it's assembled. The width is OK for my small locos, but the height will need extending, probably by lowering the trackbed/raising the building up by a few mm.

  5. Thanks George.
    I shall follow this with interest.

  6. I believe this is part of a highly modular range so there should be lots of options for kit bashing


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