In order to show off the three bufferstop kits that I've recently assembled, I decided to build a small diorama, using an off-cut of plywood and some odds and ends of track (a mix of Peco Code 75 and SMP flexi-track). With ballast and ground cover added (mostly from Geoscenics), the bufferstops really come to life, especially after painting the rails and everything has been weathered. Above, is the plate steel 'stops' from PH Design, while below is the Lanarkshire Models MR/LMS rail-built unit. 

Additionally, PH Design's more up to date take on the rail-built pattern can be seen in the foreground of the lower image. Thus, three different eras are portrayed, although it wouldn't be too far fetched to have all three bufferstops on the same layout, as many of these things have lasted in use for donkeys' years.

Look out for the article on building bufferstop kits in Model Rail issue 191 (out on Dec 26).


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