Bufferstop kit built for a Workbench Test

I've just finished  building a handful of 4mm scale metal bufferstop kits for an evaluation feature in an upcoming issue of Model Rail magazine. Illustrated here is a very natty rendition of a modern-style plate steel 'stop block', assembled from an etched kit by PH Designs. Featuring an impressive level of detail, the sides include clamping brackets that grip the rail heads, cross-braces and strengthening ribs. Although it looks a bit delicate, once soldered together (and to the rails), the unit is sturdy and will resist even the most severe rough shunt!

As well as the plate steel bufferstop, I've also built PH Designs' kit for the traditional rail-built 'stops'. I've built one of these before and they really look the part, especially when painted and weathered - far more realistic than plastic kits. You need to provide your own rail, but the kit provides the various brackets and a handy cutting jig to get the various rail sections cut and shaped to the correct sizes. Look out for the building demo for both of these kits in Model Rail issue 191, out on Dec 27th.


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