Detail kit makes the Bachmann PCA even better

I've just finished installing a new detailing kit for the Bachmann PCA cement tank wagon. Produced by PH Designs, the kit consists of a set of etched nickel silver components to replace the moulded walkways and access ladders, plus a set of disc brake inserts and handbrake wheels. The new parts are very finely rendered and add a touch of extra class to an already impressive model. The walkways and steps in particular look fantastic and the whole set took only an hour or two to shape and install. 

The original moulded parts are simple to remove, mostly just unclipping from the bodyshell. There was no need for any filler or to drill any mounting holes and the bare metal fittings will be touched-in with some primer and grey paint. Once weathering has been applied - see previous post - there'll be no hint of any previous intervention. 

For less than a fiver per wagon (plus p&p), the upgrade is well worth the effort and cost. 

Next on my list of jobs is the fitting of a similar detailing kit to the Hornby/Lima PCA...

The brake discs fitted to the wheels make for a subtle improvement, while the replacement handbrake wheel is much more authentic than the moulded plastic original.

The super-fine mesh walkway and steps are impressive.


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