New Year's Eve on the Dean Forest Railway.

During the new year break, I managed to persuade my wife and in-laws to come for a ride on the marvellous Dean Forest Railway, catching one of the Mince Pie Specials from Norchard. I've only ever been on the railway once before, about 10years ago, and that was but a short hop from Lydney Junction. This time though, we got full rover tickets and pootled up the incline to Parkend, back through to Lydney and then returning to Norchard in time for afternoon tea.

The forest is always beautiful, but I do like it in winter, when the deciduous trees are bare and the landscape opens up before the eyes. Here are a few pics of the 'Austerity' loco that hauled our train, plus a selection of attractive diesels in Norchard yard. This is a great little railway, running through an attractive landscape and the museum and new cafe at Norchard are well worth a visit. I'll be making sure it's not so long until I ride the rails again..!


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