New courses planned for this year.

After a brief hiatus, I've been planning some new airbrushing and weathering courses for the coming year. As usual, they'll be hosted by The Airbrush Company in Lancing, West Sussex and three different courses will run on consecutive days.

Day 1 is 'Airbrushing for Railway Modellers', an introduction to the use of airbrushes for painting model locomotives and rolling stock (or anything for that matter!), covering all the basics of how the tools work, how to operate them and how to mix/thin your paint correctly. As well as the vital theory, there will be plenty of practical work involved, with a range of top quality Iwata airbrushes and equipment for attendees to use.

Day 2 is 'Weathering Techniques for Model Railway Rolling Stock'. Here, I'll share my methods for creating lifelike finishes on a range of passenger and freight vehicles, using an airbrush and manually-applied techniques. Anything from dusty, crusty cement hoppers, oily tankers to rusty mineral wagons will be covered, along with special strategies for steam- and diesel-era coaching stock. 

Again, there will be a good mix of demonstrations and ample opportunity for practical work, with a host of materials and tools available for use.

Finally, Day 3 is 'Weathering Techniques for Model Railway Locomotives', where steam and diesel traction is considered and a plethora of practical approaches revealed to create a range of potential finishes. The creation of grimy, textured coatings and the realisation of a forlorn, end-of-steam appearance will be demonstrated, along with hints for capturing the distinctive polished-yet-grubby look of more cared-for steam engines. 

Other methods relevant to diesel and electric traction are also covered, including the creation of faded/worn liveries and leaking fuel/oil. Airbrush and hand-applied methods are considered, along with a wide variety of materials, plenty of which will be available for students to try for themselves.

Full details of course dates, price and availability can be obtained from The Airbrush Company. Tel. 01903 767 800.


  1. Looks interesting George. I may be tempted to have another lesson.


    1. Thanks Mick,
      You're more than welcome to come back again!


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