Dapol models upgraded and weathered.

A good few of these excellent 'OO' models have passed across my workbench over the past few years, with folks asking for a range of weathered finishes. Factory-weathered versions have been available - and very good they've been too - but a bit of variety is always welcome, especially for those running more than a handful of vehicles on the same layout. 

With this pair, I've also installed replacement etched details from PH Designs, featuring superior tank-top walkways, steps, filler hatches and other bits and bobs. I did, however, retain the original ladders, refined with needle files to a much lower profile, in the interests of resilience. The etched PH Design versions look superb, but I had visions of them being squashed by large fingers every time the models were handled by the end user. I think it's a worthwhile compromise and the wagons look good for the gentle coating of dirt applied exclusively by airbrush, for that characteristic dusty outlook.

You can see more of these wagons in the latest issue of Model Rail magazine (MR245), on sale now.


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