Another progress update on my DAF 95 project:

The chassis is coming along well, with a set of resin replacement wheels prepared for painting and the fuel tank finally completed and ready for fitting to the frames. The tank took quite a lot of work to get right, as the various separate elements (it's made up of 9 different parts) didn't fit together very well. So, lots of filling and sanding and filling and sanding... you get the picture! Metallic finishes can be unforgiving, so it was important to put the work into getting the surfaces as neat and smooth as possible. I've also weathered it before fitting it to the chassis, to make life easier.

The resin wheel rims and hubs are from Kit Form Services and they're far superior to the original kit parts. The driving axle hubs even have DAF logos in the centre, so I'm looking forward to getting these painted, weathered and installed.

As the image above shows, I've also been working on the cab interior, which has been converted to right-hand drive, courtesy of a resin casting (also from KFS) and a detailed dashboard. Check out the tasteful seat and bunk covers! I've also made my own miniature maps and newspapers and magazines. I'm thinking of adding some other bits and pieces, such as folded blankets, a flask and so on.

The exterior of the cab is taking shape and is currently being decorated, but more about that at a later date...



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