This 1:32 scale truck proved to be a labour of love. Based on the Revell kit, which amounts to a snap-together affair, countless hours were spent adding detail to the chassis frames and bodywork. The original kit parts were basic, to say the least, but after all the effort came the reward. A new set of wheels and tyres from Fujimi added the icing on the cake.

I'm especially pleased with the exhaust stacks, which are the original mouldings, shorn of the thick 'chrome' effect finish and patiently re-profiled and all those holes in the heat shields were drilled-out by hand. I certainly got good value from my RP Toolz hex bolt and washer punch and die sets - the extra detail relief on the chassis mainframes really makes a difference. 

Read all about this project and follow the whole assembly and upgrade process in my new book... on sale now from all good bookstores or direct from 


  1. Incredible build George! Looking at the pictures before reading your notes I was convinced it was a 1/25th scale model. As a teenager and on the back of the TV series BJ and the Bear, the Aerodyne was the truck I wanted to drive when I went to the States to become an interstate owner operator. Oh the naivety of my idea! However this truck is still my all time favourite American truck and to some degree lives on in an updated form in Australia but that original 70s look is just so right. I'll stop dreaming now and await the arrival of your book which I have on order as I think I have a couple of Aerodynes in my loft!

    1. Thanks. This was a really rewarding project, although at times it felt never-ending. Glad I stuck at it though and those wheels/tyres from Fujimi were the key to finishing it off.


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