Thursday, 17 March 2011

TTA tank finished

Have been limbering up - so to speak - prior to filming the next Model Rail DVD next week, by practicing some airbrushing work. What with a VERY cold winter and a recent hiatus in modelling work (in favour of lots of written word/editorial tasks), I thought I'd get back into the swing of things a bit before the cameras roll. Anyway, first off was a couple of TTA loco fuel tanks for my MPD layout. As posted here last October, I'd detailed a BAchmann model with an S Kits set of etched bits and bobs. But now it's finally 'mucked up' in typical fashion.

The detailed and repainted BAchmann TTA. The glossy sheen was a base for the decals (from Fox Transfers).

A dead matt finish and many layers of browns and black, plus a little 'red diesel' combine to give a realistic finish.

I'm assembling a small fleet of these detailed and repainted TTAs for my diesel shed layout. One down, two to go...!

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