Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Laser Glazier

This Vi-Trains Class 37 has been fitted with new Shawplan windscreen surrounds and Laser Glazing. And what a difference it has made. I'm now seriously considering retro-fitting my fleet of 37s with this upgrade - all 15 of them! The parts fit the Bachmann model equally well.

You can see the difference between the modified 37 above and this unmodified Vi-Trains 37. The windscreens look really poor in comparison!

With copies of the latest Model Rail about to hit the shelves (or the doormats of subscribers), here's a quick preview of this month's Workbench Test, dealing with the amazing new range of Laser Glazing from Shawplan. Myself and Nigel Burkin demonstrate how to fit the laser-cut plastic glazing to a number of different models, including coaching stock and locomotives. It's a fairly simple task, but one that makes a massive difference to RTR models.

See pages 66-69 of MR158 for the full story...

Precision cut to fit exactly into each aperture, the Laser Glazing is simple to fit and can be secured with acrylic clear varnish, such as Johnsons Klear, Alclad Aqua Kote or Com-Art clear.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Bachmann Class 24/25s is the peculiar look of the front windscreens, caused by the prismatic effect of the factory-fitted glazing units. With the new Laser Glaze units in place, that problem is instantly cured and the model takes on a drastically improved appearance.

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