Monday, 14 November 2011


Maudetown Colliery buildings gain a few storeys.

While I may still be thwarted by time and space, my extension to Maudetown Colliery has begun in modest terms - a new level of low relief buildings have been added atop the NCB's engineering workshops and supplied depot. Making use of the excellent Ten Commandments cast plaster facades, the extra two storeys adds a much more convincing vista to the original baseboard's backdrop; balancing nicely with the tall winding tower and washery plant.

Also from Ten Commandments, are the individual 'northlight' roofing panels - these are reversible to suit whichever direction is deemed to be north on your layout, with finely rendered brick detail on both sides. The plaster sections just need a little filler to seal any gaps before painting and weathering.

I'm still tweaking my trackplan for the second baseboard. They had been planned and 'approved', but with my recent foray into 'OO9', I'm wracking my brains to work out how a little stretch of narrow gauge track can be squeezed in.

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