Friday, 25 November 2011


Logs, timber and wood wagon loads recreated.

My rake of OTA timber wagons is swelling. A mix of kit-built and Hornby wagons, they're each carrying suitable loads of logs, three piles per wagon, with nylon strapping - just like the real thing!

Another Model Rail feature is nearing completion, on the subject of creating realistic timber wagon loads. With the recent Hornby OTA release (and the impending Bachmann version), now's a good time to look into this fascinating and attractive traffic. I'll also be demonstrating some tips on loading-up pre-TOPS era wagons, with logs, pit props or converted timber - complete with protective sheeting! Using natural materials and a variety of off-the-shelf solutions, there should be a technique to suit all tastes and eras. Look out for the article early in 2012...
Stone-cast wagon loads, from Ten Commandments can look very effective when painted and weathered. Shackles and tensioned strapping adds the final touch - see how it's done in Model Rail soon...

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