Backscene painted, but is it too blue?

More work has been visited upon my new layout over the past week, albeit in fits and starts. The 'sky' has been painted, initially with white household emulsion via a small roller, followed by a mix of Tamiya acrylics sprayed through my trusty Iwata TR2 airbrush. Said airbrush then decided to fail, necessitating a visit to the experts at The Airbrush Company, where the seals were replaced with a set of solvent-proof fittings as are now standard on many decent airbrushes (mine was about 10years old and had been, up to that point, 100% reliable).

Now the airbrush is back home, I'm thinking of reworking the sky a little. It looks positively mediterranean in the photographs - is this accurate for a layout set in Ireland?! I shall have a think about this over the next few weeks...

The goods shed is another feature that is currently under consideration. It's a Hornby Skaledale engine shed that I titivated some years ago, but the corrugated roof is bugging me somewhat. The corrugations run horizontally along the sides and, once you notice this anomaly, it's difficult to ignore. So, I shall have to take some action with model filler or clay. As for the low relief factory, that is now securely planted, atop a plinth of rock and earth, giving the layout some extra variety in terms of height.

The station building can also be glimpsed, having started to receive its paint job - I'm thinking peeling paint and exposed, weathered timber. Still lots of scenery work to take care of too, but most of this is being saved for the Christmas holidays...


  1. Hi George,
    Must say I enjoy reading your posts on here - helps me improve! Surprised more people don't comment though.
    No, I don't think the sky is too blue, but maybe the transition to pale blue/grey at the horizon should start higher up?
    Keep the posts coming - thanks!

  2. Sure, that's a grand Atlantic sky, unique to the West of Ireland.
    Nothing wrong with it.

  3. Thanks chaps, I'll maybe try tweaking the horizon a wee bit and see what it looks like...


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