Quick upgrade for a Bachmann cattle van. 

I've been easing my way back into the work groove this week, after a fortnight's R'n'R. Faced with hundreds of Emails and a stack of review projects and features to work through, I thought I'd make time for something a bit more enjoyable. So, having ring-fenced an hour for some practical work, I had a go at a quick weathering job on one of Bachmann's excellent BR cattle wagons.

This is a factory-weathered version, with tampo-printed patches of buff coloured stains, which looked OK at first glance but the overall effect lacked depth and tonal variety. So, I started with a dark acrylic wash to stain the seams between the planks, followed by airbrushed 'dirt' over the chassis and body. Finally, various shades of off-white acrylic were dry-brushed over the lower sides to mimic disinfectant stains. All done in 45minutes or so.

Now, back to that pile of editorial work...


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    1. The limewash was banned pre war as it burned the hooves on cattle but whatever replaced it caused fading so this looks spot on.


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