While the best part of working for Model Rail is getting paid to build models, one of the other things I really enjoy is reviewing new models, especially when they represent a favourite prototype. Class 26s and 27s were out of my reach when I was a young enthusiast, never having the means to travel up to Scotland in order to see them in their native environment. By the time I could do it, they were long gone, but at least I've managed to enjoy a few in preservation since.

I've also long harboured a dream to build a Scottish Highland-themed layout, set in the 1970s, so this pair of new Heljan 'OO' models really got me excited. Sporting re-tooled bodies and a host of upgraded features, they're a real improvement over Heljan's original version of the Sulzer Type 2s. This factory weathered pair really look the part and you can read my full review in the new issue of Model Rail magazine (MR271), on sale now.


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