Friday, 25 June 2010

DRS 20305

Following on from the previous post, also completed for the final bits of filming (for the Model Rail DVD The Detailing Expert), is this Bachmann DRS Class 20 conversion. Portraying 20305, it has had a number of detailing parts added from the Shawplan and PH design ranges. The conversion project is covered both in the DVD and will be presented in Model Rail magazine as well, in the not too distant future.

Although I had to rush the painting and finishing a little to meet the dealine for filming, the model still looks ok. There's just a few areas where the big DRS decals haven't settled over the bonnet door detail. With the model in pristine condition, these tiny flaws tend to stand out but the real loco always seems to look very well looked after, so a disguising weathering coat is hard to justify!

The Shawplan radiator fan and grille make a big difference to the roof. This is a mix of old and new: an older grille etch but fan assembled from the upgraded 'Extreme Etches' set - see an earlier post on this subject.

When I pootled up to Carnforth to deliver the finished models to Telerail, I noted a long line of DRS '20s and '37s stored in the Steam Town yard. As is usually the case, I always see interesting stuff when I've not got my 'proper' camera with me!
Further interest was to be found whilst changing trains at Preston, with 31285 and the structure gauging train, plus extra ultrasonic coaches - quite a consist, actually, being around 8 cars long, with InterCity-liveried 31454 at the other end.

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