Thursday, 10 June 2010

Loco Progress

The Brassmasters detail kit for the Hornby Patriot/Scot is certainly comprehensive
Here are some update images of some of the locomotives that I'm currently working on. The pair of ex-LMS Rebuilt 4-6-0s - a Scot and a Patriot - are progressing slowly but well and the DRS 20s, ditto. The Brassmasters detail kits for the Scot/Patriot is comprehensive and a time-consuming business to fit, although a worthwhile project. The models looked nice before, but they're already looking better. I'm looking forward to seeing them painted and weathered.
The DRS Type 1s are also coming along and they're almost ready for decals. I'll be finishing one in the contemporary 'Compass' style and the other in the older livery. Having chosen 20305 as one of the subjects, I shall have to get myself a set of Gresty Bridge nameplates, maybe from the DEMU show at Burton this weekend. That is if I get a chance to service my little old motor car beforehand, as I don't fancy setting out over the hills without at least changing the alternator belt. It's on its last legs, having been whirring around for over 16 years and 120,000 miles!
THe DEMU show looks to have another great line up of layouts and trade stalls and will, I'm sure, be worth the trek. Maybe see you there...?
Smoke deflectors are provided for both types of Stanier rebuilds, each boasting plenty of detail
The tender also needs a bit of work, such as changing the axlebox/spring mouldings and adding a fire iron tunnel inside the bunker

The DRS Class 20 project is progressing, with a coat of blue applied yesterday. Today, I'll be masking up and spraying the black roof. The 37 in the background is another early '80s machine for my colliery layout.

The difference between the old (right) and new (left) Shawplan etches for a Class 20 radiator fan. The new kit has to be built up from several layers and gives a much more authentic replica of the real thing.

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