I've been painting and weathering a variety of odds and ends in the shed, mostly for 'filler' material on the next Model Rail DVD - The Definitive Airbrush Expert - as previewed in the latest issue of the magazine. I finally finished the script yesterday, so the programme's voice-over is being recorded next week, and the programme should be available in the next month or so.

One thing that's not in the programme, but was tagged onto the weathering queue this morning, was the final touches on this ex-Firestone Tyres mineral wagon. A Hornby body on a Parkside chassis, it's been distressed, weathered and re-branded with NCB markings. The paint's still a bit tacky but, once it's dry, I just need to add a little weathering powder here and there to finish things off. I've numbered it as No.6 as I dreamt about Patrick McGoohan (of The Prisoner fame) the other night...


  1. I found this on Flickr
    It's an NCB staff train, this is the first time I have seen a colour pic of such trains, I remember my grandfather telling me about them as he was a miner in South Wales and if you want something interesting for Maudtown this is it

  2. Wow!

    This is just the thing I was thinking of, but I hadn't come across any suitable images. Thanks very much for the link, it's given me some real food for thought.



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