With apologies for the obscure AC/DC lyric...

I've been building a couple of coal wagons over the past few evenings. One is an 'O' gauge offering from Coopercraft (a GWR N13 Loco Coal wagon) and the other is an 'N' gauge PFA and Cawoods coal container from C-Rail Intermodal. They're both jolly nice kits to build, although the bigger one has required quite a bit of work in the way of flash removal and other tweaks to get the bits fitting properly. The sides were also badly warped, so I had to perform my old hot water and clothes pegs trick... In comparison, the wee C-Rail kit more or less built itself, the parts fit that well (the parts are moulded for C-Rail by Parkside Dundas, I believe).

I don't recommend working on two kits of vastly differing size at the same time. Having got used to the bulkiness of the 'O' underframe, adjusting my eyes to fit the miniscule brake shoes on the PFA gave me a headache.


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