Hobby Night comes a day early this week

As I've other plans for tonight, my now weekly Hobby Night Thursday was brought forward 24hours and  saw some work on this old LNER Thompson BG. Built from a Mail Coach kit that I picked up from Pennine Models in Haworth about 10 years ago, I've added some Comet detail bits and pieces, plus a set of Bachmann Gresley bogies of the correct 8ft wheelbase (6in shorter than the Thompson passenger stock). After an inauspicious start, the model is looking OK. Due to it's age, the parts needed quite a bit of work before construction could begin, with acres of flash to file away. The roof was the main problem, though, being much thicker on one side than the other. But, these things are sent to try us, as they say, and  my perseverance has paid off. It's a long time since I've built a plastic carriage kit, so a bit of practice is never a bad thing.


  1. Well done George. I have a similar age kit and have some Comet Brass ends to substite for the rather hefty Mailcoach moulds. It's not a pretty prototype but distinctive and they knocked about Tyneside on parcels trains up tp the late 60s. Did you use the glazing supplied with the kit?

  2. I remember these around Newcastle as a little chap. Did you use the glazing supplied? I have one to build but have Comet ends as the Mialcoach end mouldings are a bit hefty.

  3. George, did you use the lumpy glazing provided?

    1. Hi Duncan,
      Thanks for the comments. Yes, I used the supplied glazing as the mouldings with my kit weren't too bad. I just rubbed down both faces with fine abrasive sticks and Micro Mesh pads (from Axminster Tools), using soapy water as a lubricant, and they came up nice and clear/flat. They don't sit flush, but neither did the real things, so I'm not too bothered.


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