Hornby has excelled itself with the finish on this B1. I'm no expert on the real things, but this is a real improvement on the old Mainline/Bachmann version. 

The LNER Thompson B1 4-6-0 is a thing of real beauty, despite it being designed as a mass-produced, utility machine. With standardised, interchangeable parts, it's a tribute to the designers that it turned out so graceful in appearance and sprightly in performance. No wonder they gave them such inspiring names, such as Springbok or Roedeer. Anyway, with the lovely new Hornby version now available - as well as Bachmann's revamped version - we thought that we'd do something interesting for Model Rail issue 168. So, with this beautifully lined-out LNER liveried example, I've made a start on something a little out of the ordinary. Any guesses...?

So far, I've added some AWS equipment and replaced the LNER legend with a BR totem, plus some incomplete BR lining around the cab sides, but no number. It looks a bit of a dog's dinner at the moment, but all will be revealed in due course.


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