Way back in May, I briefly mentioned starting work on a DRS Class 37/6 conversion, using a Vi-Trains 37 and some replacement nose ends from PH Designs. Well, work the project has now reached it's turn in the queue and, after a day or two of intensive work with a variety of etched metal bits and bobs, the model is ready for its first coat of primer. This has proved quite a long-winded job, due mostly to the choice of donor model - although this was purely my fault. A Bachmann 37/4 or 37/5 would probably be easier, if a little more expensive.

Anyway, the model's finally looking like it ought to and has just tasted its first misting of grey primer, as a way of gauging if I've missed any scratches or tool marks before the painting begins in earnest. Can't wait to get the painting out of the way and get the decals in place. My prototype is 37606 which still carried the original DRS logos when I photographed it at Crewe in 2010. The real thing now wears the fancy new style livery, but I've included a few tiny details on the bodyshells that are more relevant to the earlier scheme.

See Model Rail 178 for the full story!


  1. Hi George, how did you remove the old grills on the sides of the noses, then fit the new ones?

    1. Hi Will,
      From what I remember, I just cut the grilles away with a scalpel, files and abrasive sheets. Cyano glue fixed the new ones in place.


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