Not quite a 'wish you were here' postcard from sunny Worthing... but more of a 'Wish I was still there' plea from the cold, grey North! Seriously though, I had a great time teaching my two days of airbrushing and weathering courses at The Airbrush Company's premises in Lancing, just a short beach-side stroll from the inter-war resort of Worthing. Thanks to everyone who attended, who worked really hard and made the courses a pleasure to teach.

Sussex really is a beautiful county and it made a nice change to travel there by train, especially as I elected to go by the scenic route and avoid the big, bad metropolis of London. Just a shame that so much of the journey was on a XC Voyager, or Vomit Comet as they're un-affectionately known. And, yes, the two I travelled on did smell of a chemical toilet. But hey, that's progress. Who could possibly want to travel in an antiquated set of Mk3 carriages hauled by a Class 47 south of Brum, after an electric on the northern leg. You know, with a view out of the window, plenty of space, no engine noise under your feet and a much more civilised ambience...?

But I digress. I didn't get much time to walk along the sea front over the 4 day stay, but I did make sure I had a last hurrah early on Saturday morning, enjoying the sunshine and mild warmth of an early November morning. I do love the English seaside out of season...


  1. Many thanks George for passing a massive amount of knowledge . I rearly enjoyed both days and I have already put to use some of the skills learnt .


  2. Hi Mick, Thanks for the comment - really glad you enjoyed the course. Keep up the practice!


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