Readers of Model Rail may have seen the announcement in the latest issue (177) that we've commissioned Bachmann to produce a limited edition Class 66 in the Euro Cargo Rail format. In the meantime, however, I'm working up something of a prototype using a set of etched bufferbeam valances and wing mirrors from PH Designs and some natty decals from Precision Labels. The first step, however, has been to change the identity of my EWS-liveried Bachmann model and there's no quick way of doing this, thanks to the corrugated sides and heavy printing of the EWS logo and TOPS numbers.

So, some rubbing with T-Cut was followed by an overall clean and degrease before masking up and spraying the 'EWS Gold' sections, with a light layer of white primer beneath to give it a suitable backing. Again, the undulating sides offer a challenge to the masking and a few small areas of seepage were treated after removing the tape, using a cocktail stick soaked in white spirit. Indeed, using enamel paints makes this cleaning up easier, even a few days after painting.

A deep gloss coat of varnish has been applied and, once this has cured completely, I can add the waterslide transfers. Look out for more Blog updates on this project, while a full demo article will appear in Model Rail early in 2013.


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