My industrial conversion of a Hornby J94 0-6-0ST has progressed well, with most of the small detail components added and the bunker changed to its smaller size. I've added a high intensity electric headlamp to both ends along with a Stones steam-powered generator on the running plate. Still to do: assembling the etched metal footsteps, cab interior fittings and handrails, adding the cast injectors, cabside window shutters and a few extra bits and bobs before the model can be primed and painted in National Coal Board colours.

See the March issue of Model Rail for a full demo of this conversion, although the painting and lining will feature in an issue later in the year.


  1. Hi George,

    What colour scheme will you be painting this loco in, as there were many variations used by the NCB. Also, do you think you'll have the running plate in standard red, or with wasp stripes?

  2. Hi Chad,
    I haven't decided whether to go for NCB blue or green yet, although it will be receiving wasp stripes on the bufferbeams and running plate.


  3. Personally, I'd go for an NCB green, but in your case with all your blue locos and yellow lorries, to have this livery I suppose it'd have to be very heavily weathered. I did see a picture of one J94 with the flat metal front plate of the saddle tank with wasp stripes too - I'll try and find it. In the meantime, have you had a look at the NCB loco group on flickr? Fantastic reference for a bygone age...

  4. Thanks for the Flickr link - there's some great stuff on there - plenty of inspiration!


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