Attendees of my most recent Airbrush Weathering Techniques course might recognise this BR blue Class 37 as it played a major role in a number of demonstrations. I'd rubbed away the numbers and, partially, BR logos to simulate wear and tear and renumbering techniques, as well as scuffing up the paintwork to let the light grey undercoat show through and add some 'faded' shades. It looked pretty good at the time, but repeated handling whilst wet and being lugged around the country in a tool box (wrapped only in bubble wrap) inevitably contributed to a few bumps and scrapes.

Having earned its retirement from the teaching lark, I treated this 37 to a bit of TLC. Although, apart from the fitment of the delicate detail parts like wipers, horns and brake pipes and a bit of extra misting over areas that had been worn or scuffed, the loco is pretty much how it looked after my initial demo. Except maybe a little more refined.

I had to add new TOPS numbers and data panels and had also wondered about changing the identity. However, Vi-Trains' attention to detail made that difficult as the nose ends and other details are fairly specific. So, it has stayed as 37141. That's fine by me, being a Cardiff-based loco that suits my South Wales colliery traffic perfectly.


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