Flying visit reveals plenty of action

In glorious sunshine, I was lucky enough to spend an hour at Peak Forest today, observing the various quarry operations of DB Schenker. On view was 60091 in charge of a rake of wagons being loaded at Dove Holes quarry, 66136 sitting spare in the sidings and 66186 leaving Tunstead with a load of limestone. Also, and slightly more exciting, was a glimpse of Dove Holes' privately-owned 1960s Sentinel 0-6-0 shunter (S10107), branded with RMC Roadstone logos and a fetching jaguar motif on the lower valances.

There was also some very intriguing wagons, such as modified OAA opens for block traffic, which would make a great model complete with mesh side doors. Certainly plenty of welcome inspiration and a chance to try out my new camera!


  1. I cycled there on Monday to photograph the OAAs as I've never seen them up here before. Interesting wagons, and I reckon almost impossible to model in 4mm scale due to the fine sides.
    Its worth taking a walk into the quarry (there's a public footpath), a good central viewpoint can be found at the top of a hill which looks over the quarry workings. You can watch the huge dumptrucks come and go being dwarfed by their surroundings!

    1. Hi Paul. I think a set of etched mesh doors might be the only way of rendering the sides on the OAAs, although they'd inevitably be slightly over-scale. Maybe one for a future MR article?!
      I'll try that footpath next time I'm up that way, hopefully when I have a bit more time to explore.

  2. I keep meaning to take a wander up there as well.. looks like it would be worth it! Lets hope I get similar weather if I do!


  3. Hi Martyn, It's definitely worth a trip, especially on a week day. But you may have missed the 4 sunny days of the year!!


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