I do still enjoy trying out new ways of doing pretty much the same thing - it's a good means of maintaining interest in my work. After weathering hundreds of steam locos in the past 10 years (I lost count long ago), there wouldn't be much joy left in the task if I was still using the same methods and materials as when I first started. Besides, experience and repetition are the best of teachers and the brain soon starts to figure out ways of doing things quicker and (hopefully) better. New products and equipment also help, opening up new possibilities.

I've been practicing a few new weathering techniques over the past couple of weeks, one of which involves Tamiya acrylic paints and a wee bit of gloss varnish. This blue 'A4' was my first guinea pig and, although the weathering job was a little rushed, the finished results aren't too bad. It's all done by airbrush, with this loco taking all of 3hours from start to finish, including drying times! I've also brushed on some new Lifecolor 'Grease Effects' paints which I'm currently evaluating, mostly applied to the motion - what did I say about new products?!

I've begun to refine the techniques further, on a Bachmann 'Jubilee' amongst other things, and it will probably be appearing in Model Rail in the near future. So, I won't give too much away yet!


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