Hornby GWR tank looks better for a bit of attention

As illustrated in the latest issue of Model Rail magazine (MR187), I've managed to correct the wonky footplate of Hornby's new GWR 72xx tank. It wasn't too big a job, and I actually enjoyed the challenge. But, you have to wonder how the models got past the factory quality control with such a pronounced kink in the plastic chassis frame. Although some aspects of the metal chassis block and the plastic body framing are not ideal, the design would be OK if a little more care was taken in the assembly. With a RRP of £129.99 for non-DCC locos, it's not unreasonable to expect a little better.

As my article in the latest mag shows, however, the 72xx can produce a highly authentic model, once a couple of details have been improved and a weathered finish applied. I also demonstrate how the footplate can be corrected, should any modellers wish to do this themselves rather than return their models and await replacement. I'm not sure what the stance of Hornby is on this issue, so anyone affected should contact the firm direct, via the Hornby website. Moreover, if you're interested in obtaining a 72xx, I would recommend checking the loco in the box before you part with any 'lolly'...

This looks serious! Should we have to do this with a £129 RTR loco?


  1. Those cylinders look absolutely perfect! Top work indeed.

  2. Thanks, Chad! The new Lifecolor 'grease effect' paints that I used for the cylinders and rods were a great help - the article in Model Rail gives all the info.


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