Loco shed takes shape, with textured finish

Further to recent posts, this Hornby MPD plastic kit is now nearing completion. Having fitted some of the custom-etched windows, the structure has been coated with a textured concrete finish that is already responding well to the initial weathering work. I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the windows in place, with the clear glazing requiring to be fitted before the frames are slotted over them.

Look out for a demo of assembly and finishing in Model Rail issue 188.

I'm not going to have time to get the finished MPD onto my layout before the press deadline, but I'm certainly inspired to get going on laying the track and sinking the inspection pits.


  1. Nice work! I was instantly reminded of this picture of Reddish deopt I saw a few days ago; the windows are fairly similar, though I think Reddish was of brick construction (and substantially larger). I'll be interested to see what you make of the interior - just one point, is this a stabling point or a shed? I would have thought doors would be added if the latter.



  2. The Bachmann Scenecraft generator/boiler room could make quite a nice addition to this building, too, as they sort of look the same

    1. Hi Chad,
      Thanks for the comments. Yes, it is similar in style to Reddish, but that was a mix of brick and concrete construction - as the Hornby model was produced. The ones I remember from the 1980s were moulded in a tan coloured plastic with brick courses added using stickers (I think).
      Anyway, the building is more of a covered servicing area, rather than strictly a shed or depot, where locos would be stood for only shortish periods, while the oil and coolant was topped up and essential tests carried out. I imagine the real buildings were a bit chilly in winter...


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