0-4-0 kit ready for active service overseas!

After a few weeks of hard - but enjoyable - work, the Mercian Models Barclay 0-4-0 diesel shunter is ready for action. It has been thoroughly run-in and is working smoothly and reliably, with the little Mashima motor being able to comfortably haul a respectable load of 8-10 wagons on the level. As I've said in previous posts, this is a great little kit, offering good value and the bits all fit together snugly. Look out for the full demo, along with an article delving into the history of the fascinating prototypes, in the next issue of Model Rail (MR197, out on June 5th).

I've spent quite a while on the painting and weathering, trying out some new techniques and layering many different shades of the wartime olive drab livery. You may not get the full effect from the photos but, in real life, there is a real depth to the finish, with areas of highlights, shadows and fading effects under the dusty weathering.


  1. Your blog overall is always good but this thread re the Barclay is A1! I found an image of one that was shipped back earlier this year shunting a pre war SNCF box van but am loath to pass it on for copyright. Your model really is spot on.


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