Box of review samples arrives, with lots of interesting stuff

The thrill of receiving a parcel through the post has yet to wear off, even after being in this line of work for years. Hopefully, it never will! Yesterday saw a box arrive from The Airbrush Company, packed with samples from a new range of modelling and weathering materials from Wilder. Hailing from Russia, there's a wide variety of enamel-based washes (including many shades of 'rust') and filters that look ideal for either airbrush or hand application. There's also some soldering flux, primer, metal blackening fluid and some textured 'snow', along with dry pigments and a range of tools (tweezers, abrasives). I haven't tried any of the products yet, but look out for a review in Model Rail magazine (hopefully the September issue, space permitting).

Also in the parcel was a handy set of Lifecolor acrylics, delightfully packaged in a RAF Battle of Britain triple-pack. Containing the essential dark earth and dark green camouflage shades, along with sky blue for the underside of aircraft, it's a handy set for anyone contemplating a Spitfire, Hurricane et al. Just a shame I've already painted my Spitfire, but I do have a few other RAF model kits on the shelf that have just assumed more importance - as a crucial test-bed for these paints!


  1. Very nice selection George but I doubt if they're available here due to postal restrictions. No paint enamel or acrylic but bottles of alcohol are ok.

    1. Hi,
      Don't know about distribution in Australia yet, as the range has only just been launched. It may be worth having a look at the Wilder Facebook page for more info and updates:


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