Oh my, what a lovely 'Whistler'

A big parcel just arrived, bearing a lovely big Class 40, courtesy of Tower Models in Blackpool. I've managed to bag the review for the next issue of Model Rail magazine (MR203) so I've been running my eye over the Heljan model with calipers and a tape measure in hand. Although I only remember the tail end of their careers, the '40s' were a real favourite during my spotting days, with the last four locos seeing out their BR lives around Warrington, where we'd just moved to. 

It's a real hefty brute, weighing in at nearly 4kg and first impressions are good. It's already been road tested on Dave Lowery's extensive 'O' gauge layout, with 100% positive feedback as far as haulage and performance is concerned. Now it's a question of looking at the details. All will be revealed in Model Rail, on sale November 20th... 

The '40' only just fits on my desk!

I'm not sure I can justify treating myself to a blue '40', but I'd love to have a got at weathering one. Unfortunately, this model has to be sent back...!


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