New downloadable kit sets me thinking...

Having been hard at work building a mini layout, with a small station building at the heart of the plan, seeing this great new kit from Scalescenes has set me to thinking. Perfect for a post-1970s commuter station, it could form the basis of a minimum space through or terminal station with a DMU or EMU service. Maybe as part of a modern park and ride location... I've been wondering about a tiny layout based around such a facility, mainly as a means of running some of the post-1980s multiple units that I've been hoarding. And there's also the chance of building something with catenary, but on a small scale. 

It costs less than £4 and can be printed as many times as you like, and there's a choice of brick shades to suit different parts of the UK. There's also a choice of signage and fittings that span the BR, sectorisation and privatisation eras. The interior is fully detailed, with ticket office window (and self-service ticket and vending machines), tiled floor and even an external air con unit. Great stuff! 


  1. That would look convincing on the Merseyrail Wirral Line or Cathcart Circle in Glasgow.

    1. Good idea re. the Wirral Line, Rick. I've always fancied including Merseyrail electrics on a layout.
      A little bird tells me that the kit was inspired by Butlers Lane station, near Sutton Coldfield, but the possibilities are endless...


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