3D Printed model starts to take shape.

As mentioned previously, this 3D printed carriage kit represents a 4mm scale Metropolitan Railway 3rd Class brake vehicle. After some laborious preparation, the finishing process has got going in earnest, with the wood effect scheme slowly taking shape. I decided to have a go with an airbrush and a few different shades of Tamiya paint to create a base colour, plus highlights and shading to the various panelled sections.

I was quite chuffed with my first attempt and, although it still needs some extra work, the character of the prototype is beginning to emerge. Once the Tamiya paints were dry, I gave the carriage an all-over wash of MIG enamel wood wash, which has settled into all the recesses nicely. Now, I'm waiting for this to dry out completely before I start adding some extra depth to the wood tones and, hopefully, give some impression of the grain.

I've now managed to track down a supplier of suitable transfers and, after a lot of hard work, the project feels like it's finally coming together...


  1. Nice to see your progress, having designed and built all 4, it's nice to see different methods of going about finishing them, and your certainly getting some good effects with what your using.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the comment. I've enjoyed this project and, now the transfers have been applied, it's starting to look the part! I'll be posting more pix on here in due course.
    All the best,


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