Newspaper van conversion under way.

I've been slowly creating an authentic array of 1980s era newspaper and parcel vans, mostly by means of re-branding various Mk1 BGs. However, I've been after a couple of special GUV newspaper conversions, so some drastic surgery has been required. In order to allow the movement of sorting staff throughout the train whilst en route, a number of GUVs had new ends installed, complete with gangways and a toilet compartment. Mirroring the real things, I've grafted new whitemetal ends (Comet) onto this Bachmann GUV and made a few other alterations to the roof and sides, most notably the cutting of an extra window aperture for the WC (the nearest to the end in the above view).

Now ready for priming and painting, I'm looking forward to seeing this vehicle in a shabby version of British Rail blue. Combined with the rest of my stock, it should help bring back memories of the once plentiful newspaper traffic emanating from Manchester Red Bank sidings...


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