Will the new low-cost diesel passenger service prevent closure? 

Prior to a possible reinstatement of regular passenger services, BR has been running trials over the branch through Lisburn Lane, using a Park Royal 4-wheel railbus. With a bit of luck and enough public support, it should help to keep the line open for the time being. Especially as Mossop's Motors have been struggling to get the local corporation to pay for some road and bridge improvements to allow its new buses to reach this rural backwater. Let's hope that BR can seize the initiative...

Incidentally, the railbus is a motorised Dapol plastic kit. However, I've just managed to obtain one of the lovely new Heljan RTR versions and this is currently undergoing DCC conversion and an interior upgrade. I doubt I'll be adding too many passengers yet, though. We'll have to wait and see how the trials go.


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