Ratio kits built and improved.

Quite a bit of carriage modelling has been going on in the Dent Workshops over the past few weekends, with a new book project well under way. Happily, this has meant that some of the kits that I've been hoarding for years are finally seeing the light of day. I can't remember how long I've had these Ratio Midland Railway carriage kits, but probably not as long as some of the others. Indeed, I've just dug out a Southern Pride Mk1 Pullman car that I started work on 11 years ago but never finished - but that's another story.

These kits, though the moulds have been in use for donkeys years, are still pretty good. The underframe parts needed quite a bit of cleaning up before assembly and much of the under floor equipment has been replaced with scratch built fittings. The body, too, has received some extra work, with the gas lighting pipe and brake end bits 'n' bobs installed from brass wire and strip.

Great fun - just need to get them painted now...


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