MK1 full brake gets the weathering treatment.

While the building of the LNER full brake has paused, I made the most of a spare evening to finish weathering this Bachmann Mk1 BG. I'd started on this project earlier this year, as a way of testing some new products and techniques, but hadn't gotten around to finishing things off and putting it all back together. 

I'm glad that I made the effort to get it all done, as I'm well chuffed with the end results, especially the faded paintwork and peeling roof covering. I'll be revealing how this was done in a forthcoming book project, more details of which will be revealed in due course...

As well as the weathering work, I've also modified the ends to correctly portray a post-1960s condition Mk1, with the footsteps removed and handrails cut short. New buffers, lamp brackets, brake pipes and an air reservoir tank under the solebar have also been fabricated and installed.


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