Yet more NCB-owned minerals are ready for work at Maudetown Colliery!

Over the past few weeks, I've been playing around with some new sets of weathering paints from Lifecolor. Well, I'm not sure if they're meant to be called paints, as they're more of a cross between paints and weathering washes. Water-based, with no odour and boasting super-fast drying times, they're easy to use and have produced some convincing results. 

Bunched together in themed sets, or available separately, the Rust Wizard has proved my favourite set so far. The box contains 5 different shades of 'rust', plus a jar of Remover solution. This latter is a great help as it allows the washes to be manipulated even when dry - a boon when using fast-drying acrylics and far better than having to resort to smelly white spirit.

A full review of these new Lifecolor washes will appear in the pages of Model Rail magazine soon...

The new packs of Lifecolor Liquid Pigments are available now from The Airbrush Company.
Sticking with the rusty theme, I've also been finishing off a few other mineral wagons for my colliery layout, Maudetown. The Dapol model below has been treated to a reprise of one of my older methods, namely painting the whole thing a textured, rusty colour, applying random blobs of Maskol fluid and painting various shades of the grey livery on top. Once dry, the Maskol is brushed away to reveal patches of corrosion. A little finessing with an airbrush finishes the job. By using Lifecolor paints throughout, the whole job can be done in a day!


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